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Call for Papers. New Monograph Spring 2013. Acquisition of Second Languages and Innovative Pedagogies

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Here we are again because today we would like to present you a Call for Papers for  a new Monograph we have been working. The Monograph will be about Second Language Acquisition. Here you are the information:

Call for Papers for a Thematic Monograph Spring, 2013
(New Deadline: March, 30th 2013)


Topic: The Acquisition of Second Languages and Innovative Pedagogies

Coordination: Liliana Paredes. Spanish Program.

Duke University, lparedes@duke.edu

Papers are invited for a special volume on The Acquisition of Second Languages and Innovative Pedagogies. This monograph will publish state-of-the-art articles on educationalresearch and educational experiences in higher education, in one of the next subjects:

1. Definition and delimitation of new pedagogies in Second Language Acquisition: the evolution of learning methodologies, the different moments in the communicational teaching processes, the introduction of ICT in the classroom and outside the classroom. Why we call them new pedagogies and what impact do they have in the development of linguistic abilities.

2. New Approaches to Grammar Work: new approaches in the second language acquisition’s grammar context, the role of grammatical accuracy in the linguistic production, the results of grammar reflection in the solidification of grammatical accuracy.

3. The Acquisition of Second Languages and the Community Experience: the communitarian work and its impact in the acquisition, reflections about practices in the community, research applied to communitarian work, the creation of products by the community.

4. The Evaluation of New Information and Communication Technologies in the Acquisition and Learning of Second Languages Field: New ICT and its impact in second language acquisition, the effect of online translation in students’ work, the use of blogs and forum in the linguistic development, social networks and linguistic community.

Submission instructions

Please submit the paper through @tic. revista d’innovació educativa’s webpage: http://www.uv.es/attic.

Sign in for a user and password and follow the instructions given there.

The manuscript must be in Microsoft Word (.doc), RTF or Open Office (.odt) format.

Manuscripts can be written in English, Spanish or Catalan. The specifications are: font 11, Arial, spacing above paragraph 6, below paragraph 0, single line spacing, without indenting; footnotes and bibliography font 9, Arial.

English Version CFP

Spanish Version CFP

Catalan Version CFP

Remember that we publish articles in any of those languages: English, Spanish and Catalan.


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